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Welcome to the Friends of the Millennium Bridge website.  We set up this new ‘Friends’ group after organising an event to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the Millennium Bridge and discovering that lots of people love the big white bridge as much as we do!

Our aim is to create a community of people who use the Bridge to celebrate all the positive things about the Millennium Bridge and Forton Creek area. Whether you’re a regular user or an occasional visitor, everyone is welcome.

Here you will find information and news about:

  • Gosport’s award-winning lifting bridge, its history and construction
  • Forton Creek and the local harbourside, it’s environment and archaeology
  • Things to do in Bridge & Forton Creek area plus local news and events
  • Opportunities to get involved and become part of this new community
  • Places to walk, cycle and explore (with cafe stops of course!)

This website is very new and still under construction, so please bear with us while we fully populate the main pages. We’d love to hear ideas of other things you’d like to see here.

For queries and/or more information, please contact us via e-mail:, or use the “Contact Us” form on this website. Or you can find us on Facebook.