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Red Arrows Over Portsmouth Harbour

Under dark and lowering clouds, a crowd of people gathered on the Bridge on Wednesday 20th October. Waiting.

With uncertainty about the weather and with the clock ticking by, we started wondering whether it had all been called off. However, with the crew of HMS Prince of Wales clearly lined up on the deck in formal ranks, we continued to hope. Someone was watching the radar feed from Bournemouth…

And then there was a shout. People pointed to the skies above Portsmouth – and there they were, bright lights in formation heading straight for the Bridge. It was a thrilling moment.

The display began…

Red Arrows over Portsmouth (with permission by Betty Green)

The Bridge was a great place to watch the display. If anyone has photos of the event to share, please get in touch. In the meantime, here’s a link to the Portsmouth News gallery of photos.

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